Oshun Gwadar

Oshun Gwadar by Eiwan Developers

Oshun Gwadar by Eiwan Developers is the new residential project with a beachfront style housing design. Developers are claiming that it will be first of its kind resort style living in Pakistan. Eiwan Developers were previously involved in the development of Sanghar Housing Scheme and now they have launched a project of their own with NOC approval from District Council Gwadar. 200, 500, 1000 and 2000 Sq. yard residences are offered for booking in Oshun Gwadar by Eiwan Developers. A 3-year payment plan is offered to buy lavish residences on the seashore of Gwadar District.

Oshun Residence Location and Master Plan

Oshun Gwadar by Eiwan Developers will be located in Gunz area of Gwadar District. The site is surrounded by Pakistan Navy Land and a Coast Guard post is also placed next to Oshun Gwadar. It means that project will enjoy high-standard security.

Oshun Gwadar Plots Category


Oshun Gwadar Booking Prices

Oshun Gwadar by Eiwan Developers will be officially launched for booking on March 25, 2018. There will be 5 kind of residences available for booking at Oshun Gwadar by Eiwan Developers.

Category                                               Size Total Price
Town Residences 200 Sq. Yard Rs. 1,200,000
Town Residences 500 Sq. Yard Rs. 2,000,000
Club Road Residences 1000 Sq. Yard Rs. 3,500,000
Club Road Residences 2000 Sq. Yard Rs. 6,500,000
Beachfront Resorts 2000 Sq. Yard Rs. 20,000,000

Oshun Gwadar by Eiwan – Payment Plan

Oshun Gwadar by Eiwan presents a 3 year payment plan along with quarterly installments. 10% price has to be paid at the time of booking and rest can be paid in the form of easy installments



Oshun Gwadar by Eiwan is a luxurious and one of its kind real estate project. High-end investors will be attracted to this tourist-friendly project. Several states of the art facilities will also be part of the project. Details of those facilities will be provided in coming days.

Some official animated photos of Oshun Housing Scheme Gwadar by Eiwan Developers.

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