17th July 2017

Gwadar Industrial Estates Development Authority

The Government of Balochistan is developing an industrial estate in gwadar , to meet the demand for industrial plots in the port city, which is expected to have substantial potential for industrial investment in view of the opportunities offered by the establishment of deep sea port and construction of major highways linking Gwadar with Karachi, Quetta, Iran and Central Asian countries. There are also plans to extend railway to Gwadar.

Gwadar Industrial Estate will be developed for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) mostly based on value added industries. No large manufacturing industries would be expected, except those feasible on imported raw materials with final product to be exported. The major areas of business will be: import and export, construction, transportation, shipping, clearing and forwarding, warehousing, building material, value added processing, textile and leather made-up garments, repackaging and trans-shipment.

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Gwadar Industrial Estate Location

The project is 40 Km from Gwadar city on Makran Coastal Highway. Overall 3000 acres of land south of the Makran Coastal Highway, has been earmarked for development in three phases of 1000 acres each. 

Main Features

  • PLANNING AND DESIGN SERVICEgwadar industrial estates

Why invest in Gwadar?

  • Take advantage of trade opportunities with the landlocked Central Asian States and with Afghanistan
  • Promote trade and transport with the Gulf States
  • Transshipments essentially of load in containers
  • Unlock the development potential of the interior
  • The diversion of the influx of human resources forms the country to Gwadar instead of Karachi
  • Social economic uprising in the province of Baluchistan
  • Establishment of industries related to maritime transport
  • Oil, refinery and petrochemical storage
  • Processing of Exports and Industrial Zones
  • Reduce congestion and dependence on the existing port complex in Karachi / PQA
  • Serve as an alternative port to handle Pakistan’s trade in case of blocking existing ports
  • Axis for the main commercial and commercial activities

Booking Detail of Gwadar Industrial Estate

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