Pakistan Property Amnesty Scheme Got Passed From NA

In huge very positive development first time in decades millions of property holders in Pakistan got an amnesty. Its is now passed from NA and will be implemented soon.. Any one can simply pay 3% tax on difference between current or FBR value and DC price at time of purchase. Property owners or buyers will not be bothered about proving any source of income for property being bought or was bought and now held.

This long awaited amnesty will be game changer for Pakistani property market in days weeks months ahead. It will be a market mover to upside. Most money in property market is white mostly invested by expatriates. But the way that money was transferred to Pakistan through relatives friends first etc makes it black too in FBR books for proving source of income for even those property holders. There fear of FBR asking source of income too will be gone with small 3% tax payment. Also billions and billions of black money actually is hidden in Pakistani property market. This new amnesty scheme will help take fear out of tax audits etc now or in future and will encourage black money to be documents and put to work for Pakistani economy. Too bad for honest people that paid higher rates and obeyed the rules but time to move on.

All sellers should put break on sales. In short term large budget properties will gain immediately. Hold all sales of large ticket items. People with black money will be looking to buy large budget investments in hurry as too many small properties will create more paperwork/headache to them.

All buyers should act asap to lock the deals. In short or long run this step today from NA getting law passed will be very helpful. In very short time buying trading also these 4 months of Dec Jan Feb March are always one of the best. Property market always gain most in these months. InshaAlla short term correction is over time to buy sell for short long terms or trading.

*Lahore Real Estate recommendations*

If you are holding to your purchases now buy asap. More you wait will cost you more money .

Commercial plots and files in DHA9 Prism DHA7 Ivy Green Rahbar or DHA Town.

Commercial plots in Prism will be hot cakes once again. Hold the sales. Buy them if you can for holding time of 3 years for 150% gains. Insha Allah. Only prefer 8 marla first if budget allows you. 8 Marla best of the best commercial zone of Prism is Z-1 in P block . In 4 marla prefer Oval complex only should be bought. 5 marla in R or J Prism 10 marla in R C of Prism. One kanal of Prism on main road corners main back good location in any block of Prism . 10 marla or Kanal in DHA7 . Ive Green commercial good but avoid residential as gained very good already. For location looking more gains in Ivy Green will be hard to find. Commercial files there still have good chance as most good plots in Ivy Green still not balloted yet.

Buy Lake city on ground ready for possession commercial with good rental values. Installments options good for investors and in 3 years hold in mind Buy old booking of Lake City files because new booking are too price. Old booking will have good growth. Lake city files must be held 2 to 3 years if buying today. They will have huge gainers.

Buy DHA Rahbar 4 marla commercial files in phase 2 extension or only 5 marla residential plots files.

DHA Mutlan installments files launch rumors in days at max now once again from insiders. As soon as Dec 15th 2016. They are all ready and were just waiting for market to get energized once again.

In Gwadar on active NOC schemes with large known time tested developers should be preferred. Open land is highly risk for expatriates so if you really wanna take chance to grab part of Gwadar try your luck with Green Palms Gwadar that is 2nd largest on going project in process in Gwadar after Golden Palms . We are proud at Lahore Real Estate ALL our plots till yesterday were booked without own to share gains with who trusted to book through Lahore Real Estate. We highly recommended 4 marla commercial and have booked most commercials without any own than all 1000s dealers combined in Lahore Karachi Gwadar etc . No more commercial without own left any more as developers have stopped booking them at 20 lacs and may start new booking in March at 28 to 30 lacs prices in March after starting on ground development work. They are hopeful visible on ground work will convince new buyers to buy those 4 marla commercial. 4 marla commercial is now available on own only. Lahore real estate is still booking Green Palms Gwadar residential plots in installments. To be honest response is better than my own imagination or calculations and actually today I feel more comfortable with Rafi group and Green palms knowing they are not overbooking to date and have close to 1000 acre land even though NOC and current booking is for 247 acre land and they are serious keen enough as of today to start development work asap with own funds as development charges are not even due till next 3 years. They are stopping many bookings like 8 marla 4 marla commercial and 2 kanal plots till development started on ground. I will pray to Allah that this project succeed for all of you and I worked very hard to learn deeply into Gwadar after few years of break and guide you only safest possible places where today we all could take some chances. Even with GDA active NOC smaller developers can still disappear just like in past because they have pledged only 30% land to GDA and not much more to lose. Cheap Gwadar desert land is all they got to lose. They still can over book as public is crasy to buy there and than go to Dubai for few years with all your money. So PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ be careful invest in comparably safer places in Gwadar and even if takes time your money will insha Allah grow very fast in Gwadar. Brave people just have to take chance with max 33% of net worth and take chance in only places where developers do have their reputation at risk too other than just risk of loss of pledged 30% land to GDA.

Old Govt owned Gwadar projects like New Town and Sangar good too but keep in mind the were developed decades ago so development work is old style very very poor town planning with very congested narrow streets and little open spaces or parks etc. Location of Govt schemes is good. Gwadar land prices demands are too high and not much buyer willing to take chance. We see most people looking for installment options or looking to buy ready plots mostly commercials in Govt New Town Sangar etc . Lahore Real Estate do deals in open land Govt schemes and only active NOC schemes.

I have uploaded a most recent detailed mouza locations on master plan of Gwadar and will also upload all Gwadar housing schemes location map here for you to make things more fair and easy for Gwadar buyers sellers and market.

To be continued for other schemes recommendations etc…..

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