Gwadar Green Palms NOC

Gwadar Green Palms NOC

Gwadar Green Palms NOC  Details ……………………

This project has an active approved NOC. Check

Adil Saeed +923224009766 & +923004009766 should be contacted to book plot asap. He will assign proper associates to proceed further safely and properly in an right order

Adil Saeed call volume for Gwadar booking is very high but still you must need to contact him for secure smooth booking. I don’t want you to give money to any one claiming from Lahore Real Estate. You and our safety is big concern to me. This not the end for you or us as 1st good project and many more to come so let’s have patience and safety in mind. L please. Many non Lahore Real Estate dealers “MAY” pretend to be from Lahore Real Estate due to out highest trust level in dealers and clients community but make sure this time you only book through Lahore Real Estate. We will InshaAllah serve you best and try our best to represent you best in front of Rafi Group in future.

Good luck to you but plzzzzzzzz keep im mind you will buy it for 2 years. That is recommended time for true gains. Don’t look for short term gains. Gwadar market is untested. Huge huge demand but I don’t wanna give in false hopes for short term big hits. Let’s go for long term 2 to 4 years for mega gains InshaAllah.

Choudry Mujahid Yasin (CMY)
Lahore Real Estate
+923224929992 for *SMS or WhatsApp text & calls
+16308024186 Regular Cell Calls & SMS but no WhatsApp available temporarily

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