Green Palms Gwadar Booking Now Open

Green Palms Gwadar Booking Now Open


Green Palms Gwadar is only 6.5 Km from beach and this Marine Drive in video in link and just 2 km from current Zero point. Has many km coastal highway front. Developers buying land since 2004 to expand project from original NOC. Watch this Gwadar development update video of Nov 2016 and enjoy free trip to Gwadar while sitting 1000s km away
Confirm booking without any own or commission to you is available from Lahore Real Estate.You need to send in CNIC copy pictures and demand draft in developers name to Lahore Real Estate office for further process. We give you you receipts and confirmation in 24 to 48 hours .We are seeing extremely strong booing at
LRE on even 1st day and very large media and newspaper campaign have not even started yet. Project ads campaign to run in newspapers and TV media from Nov 25th till Dec 10th.

Most frequently asked questions about Green Palms in LRE WhatsApp groups like what to expect and past history of developers etc

Most people booking 4 marla commercial and 1 kanal residential as recommended by LRE.

Choudry Mujahid Yasin (CMY)
Lahore Real Estate
+923224929992 for *SMS or WhatsApp text & calls
+16308024186 Regular Cell Calls & SMS but no WhatsApp available temporarily

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